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Benefits of Thai Massage

According to the traditional Thai Medicine there are 72.000 channels spread from the abdominal cavity through the body through 10 major life energy channels.

A persons health and well being relies on the balance of this life energy. An obstruction to this flow can cause discomfort or illness. The obstruction can be caused for instance by negative emotions.

Emotions can be measured as packets of energy that pass through the body. If they have low energy they can inflict damage on the body, as they can be stored in our body tissues.

Therefore, when having a Thai Massage applied gently on the muscles, the effect reaches the cells and the life force inside.

Other benefits of Thai Massage are:

  • the decrease of the cortisol levels through the boost of serotonin
  • the reduction of migraines through the use of acupuncture
  • pain relief from people suffering from scapula coastal syndrome (SCS)
  • the relieving of insomnia
  • the relieving of deep muscle tension

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