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Erodas, Harry Potter and the love seekers

Erodas (from the ancient Greek god Eros=love) or Dittany is a greek herbal tea native to the island of Crete and is praised by all the antique writers because of its ability to heal the wounds of men and animals. In Crete it has been used for centuries as a panacea for all kinds of diseases.


#1 Said to be an aphrodisiac and symbol of love. Newlyweds drank the herbal tea Dittany of Crete in their wine to ensure a good and healthy sex life in their marriage. It is a symbol of love, provided that the most keen young men would climb to the hillsides and to the gorges of Crete to collect its pink blossoms for their lovers. These men were called Erontades (love seekers) and they were considered passionate and brave, but many of them lost their lives during those attempts.

#2 It was believed the Minoans knew the benefits of the herbal tea Dittany and used it for curing ailments and for beautifying their skin and hair. 

#3 Herbal tea Dittany is used extensively on wounds in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 'Dittany is a magical plant used in Potion-Making, and is a powerful healing herb and restorative. Its use makes fresh skin grow over a wound, and after application, the wound seems several days old’ .


It transfuses scents in food and in beverages, like vermouth and absinth  It is also one of the herbs in Benedictine liquer.

It has antiseptic, stimulating and anti-spasmodic action. It is used to heal wounds, to sooth the digestive tract, as well as against the flu and colds. It has spasmolytic action and it contributes to the prevention and treatment of circulatory and cardiac problems, it soothes headaches, and stomach disorders, toothaches and abscesses. It also possesses anti diabetic, emmenagogue but also aphrodisiac action. 


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