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Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Herbal tea is full of antioxidants that are found in fresh tea leaves. This freshness, and the potency of these antioxidants, is directly related to the quality of the tea. There are enormous differences between the quality of loose leaf tea vs. the quality of tea made from tea bags. 


Loose leaf for quality

Loose leaf tea is made of whole, unbroken leaves. When you use hot water on the loose leaves, a wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavors, aromas and essential oils are released from the leaves. Tea bags are cheap and easy to mass produce and usually use broken pieces of low grade tea leaves. 


Loose leaf for flavor and freshness

Tea bags are often filled with broken leaf pieces from different locations. These blends are created for standardization, so they have a consistent taste and limited flavour expression. Mass-produced tea bags lose their freshness en route from various locations to the supermarket shelves. Loose leaf teas, especially when purchased directly, are fresher and have a better, more varied flavor range. 


Loose leaf for the environment

Another issue with tea bags is that they are not environmentally-friendly. Most tea bags are not compostable, whereas loose leaf tea can be thrown directly into the compost.


Loose leaf for variety

There are a variety of flavors available other than white, green or yellow tea, which is reflected in whole leaf teas by the climate and geography but often not available in tea bag form.


Loose leaf for individuality and the freedom of expression

The best thing about loose leaf tea is that you can mix various teas together, allowing you to become your own tea artist and finding what works for you. You can mix to control the strength and flavor of the tea that you drink.

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