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Teas & Trees expands its series of products with a new herbal tea called MoonūüĆô, native extra virgin olive oil ūüĆŅand thyme honeyūüćĮ.

All of our herbal teas come in recycled cardboard tubes and are now easily to distinct thanks to the different colors of each box. Plus, we simplified the names.

Mountain Tea is now called "CLIFF." Cliff is an immune booster with 99 vital ingredients.

Love Potion is now called "LOVE." It is an aphrodisiac, called Erodas by the locals, which means youthful love.

Mornin' Blend is now called "SUN."  It is a mixture of Cliff and Love plus Marjoram and it gives you a kick in the morning

Achoo is now called "FREE." A blend with Sage, Mint, Lemon Verbene and Marjoram, which frees you from colds.

Luisa is still LUISA. A lemon verbene tea with a strong citrus taste, used by the Cretan women as a slimming aid.

Our new evening tea, MOON, is a blend with chamomile, levanta and mint, perfect to drink during a stressful day or just before going to sleep.

The olive oil and the thymian-pine honey originate from central Crete, close to the Mountain Psiloritis.‚õįÔłŹ


Thymian honey is considered the king of all honeys, since it is rich in vitamines and amino acids and full of nutritious ingredients. It has a strong taste and a golden color, therefore we used a transparent jar with a plain white label that will give prominence to its natural beauty.


The olive oil, called also the Green Gold, comes exclusively from a family estate located in Zaros, in central Crete.The warm climate, no air pollution and strict rules on the care and pressing of the olives are the main factors why the olive oil from Crete is very healthy. It is suitable for salads, cooking and frying.

The olive oil package brings out a more brutal feeling, matching the raw product contained.

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