WANDER 30g - Teas & Trees


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From Crete to Berlin and from Berlin to Athens, between the cities of the world, with people and yourself, Teas and Trees and Nadia Soufli take you through a wandering of flavors, aromas, thoughts, and places! Coming out of a difficult period of pandemic crisis, it is time to open up to the world again, to live, to wander!

It is Crete with the precious herbs, the people, the history, and a magical embrace always open to travelers, and the citizens of the world. Voices and thoughts, faces and dreams that will be met through stories and life… just let your senses travel! See, Hear, Touch, Smell, Taste the strength of Cretan nature in a cuppa, and imagine going wherever you feel… breezy like Pennyroyal, delicate like Rose, safe like Balsam, mysterious like Gillyflower. Explore. Desire. Think. Inspire. Βe the path you want to follow. Wander!

Wandering in a mug. Breathing. 🍃
Ingredients: Rose, Pennyroyal, Balsam, Gillyflower (Poleiminze, Balsam, Nelke, Rose)


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