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Luisa, The Fast Healer


Aloysia citrodora, commonly known as Lemon Verbena, is native to South America, but is now widely cultivated in the tropical regions of Europe. Verbena was a sacred plant to several ancient civilizations, including ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed Verbena first sprung from the tears of the goddess Isis as she mourned the death of the god Osiris. In Crete it is called “gorgogianni”, which means the fast healer. That is because if you apply it  directly to the skin you can treat poorly healing wounds, abscesses and burns.


● This amazing herbal tea with important metabolic effects has only 2 calories per serving and reduces the cravings, thereby preventing you from snacking between meals and compromising your diet. Its taste is smooth, not like any of the other lemon-based plants.

● It is an extremely effective herb for weight loss because it stimulates general metabolism and has the ability to melt fat while fighting cellulite.

● It is categorized among the tonic herbs, but lemon verbena also has the ability to offer a peaceful sleep, soothing tension and stress since it is a caffeine-free herbal tea.

● Luisa is full of the essential antioxidants that help muscles, joints, tendons and nerves recover from physical activity, arthritis and muscle pain.


Are you a salad or fish lover? A way to use the lemon verbena leaves is to combine them with olive oil and eat the leaves afterwards. It’s also an ingredient in dessert recipes such as cookies, ice cream, puddings and jellies and is known to be used in sweet cocktails and iced teas, as well as a garnish for salads and fruit cups. Luisa can be added fresh or dried to iced teas.

This herb should be considered safe in terms of pregnancy. Increases milk flow, if breast-feeding.

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