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Herb infused olive oil



The flavoring of Olive oil with herbs is an ancient tradition, but the most recent writings begin in 1450 B.C. This procedure was used on one hand, because olive oil preserves the aroma, on the other hand to improve the quality of the herbs.

Today, the flavoring of olive oil has an important role in the Mediterranean cuisine, where they use it either raw, or cooked with the food. It can be used in salads, meat, fish and pasta. It substitutes butter in the beginning of the meal, giving a natural taste, as it is healthier then butter.



It is really easy to flavor olive oil. You can use either dry or fresh herbs or their seeds.

First, you need to sterilize the glass bottle. Leave the herbs to boil for 5 minutes in water and let them dry out. Put afterwards the herbs in the bottle with the olive oil and wait for 2-3 weeks. You should keep the bottle in a dark, dry ambience.

If you want to have the olive oil flavored right away, put some fresh herbs in a cup of oil and use it together with the food.



If you are a butter lover, there is also a way to flavor butter.

Leave the butter in room temperature for some time, or warm it up. Then put one spoon of lemon and 3 of the herbs of your choice on it. Afterwards, put the butter in a cake pan or wrap it with a plastic wrap. Leave the butter in the fridge for 2-3 hours before using it.

Herbs you can use: Oregano, thymian, dictamus, marjoram, sage, basilicum.

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