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How to make the perfect herbal tea!

There are two ways to make tea. One way is to place herbs in a teapot, add boiled water and let sit for ~5 minutes. Then the tea can be strained into a cup. The second way, which is our favorite, is to follow these six easy steps:
boil some water

1. Boil some water. Fill a kettle, or even a pot, with distilled water. For the most pure cup of tea, it’s best the water is distilled so that it doesn’t contain any impurities or chemicals.


2. Put some herbs in the water.Once the water is to a boil, around 100° Celsius, you can add your herbs to the water. Which herbs you use depends on what effects and flavor you are looking for. Regardless of the herbs, you should use roughly one small teaspoon of tea for 200 ml of water.


3. Boil the herbs for 1-2 minutes. If you add the herbs to the water before boiling, you will create a condensed and bitter brew instead of tea.


4. Steep for another 5 minutes. Remove the kettle (or pot) from heat and let the mixture sit for five minutes.


5. Strain the tea into a cup. Use a fine mesh strainer to remove the herbs from the tea before drinking. You can place the strainer over a cup and pour the tea directly into the cup.


6. Enjoy with some honey! 

Honey is lower in fructose and is processed and absorbed more slowly by the body than refined sugar. This means longer-lasting energy and less of a spike in blood sugar, which is easier on your body and digestive system. Refined sugar is associated with increased inflammation and lacks any of the extra nutrients found in honey.

We recommend our Teas & Trees thymian-pine honey, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids and full of nutritious ingredients. Our honey has a strong taste and a golden color. It is a premium honey with antibacterial properties, especially effective for healing respiratory and digestive problems. 

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