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The wild one

Crete's diversity is not only reflected by the total number of rare plant species but also by the wild animals living on the White Mountains. The Kri Kri, also known as Agrimi, which means the wild one, are untamed goats that are thought to have been brought to Crete from Asia during the Minoan Era.

It was considered a sacred animal, and, according to mythology, it nourished with its milk the little Zeus.

Their character is similar to the one of the Cretan people, independent, intelligent, shy and tough, since it can survive in the rugged Cretan mountains. They rest during the day and avoid people, while in their social organization females live in herds of up to 20 members and males tend to live lonely. Their horns are impressive and you can recognize them on a dark band that stretches from head to tail. The male ones also have a beard.

The Kri-Kri is the only wild goat species still living in Europe.

There are still only about 2,000 Kri-kri Goats on Crete and they are considered vulnerable, due to hunting or reproduction with the normal goats.

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