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Benefits of biodegradable packaging

The world is facing a lot of environmental issues today, one of the main causes is the use of non-Eco-friendly packaging materials for various consumer goods. These packaging materials emit toxic pollutants or poisonous gases that affect human health and the environment.

Aside from the packaging, many people don’t know that tea bags may be composed of polypropylene, in order for the tea bags to seal up, so when they are put in hot water, the plastic begins to break down and toxins are released into the tea. Consistently drinking this could cause health issues. Due to the plastic content, conventional tea bags cannot completely decompose. This makes them a bad option for compost material and the environment.

You could prevent tons of unnecessary waste from polluting our planet by switching to a quality loose leaf tea that comes in zero-waste packaging. TEAS & TREES switched to biodegradable packaging which refers to packaging composed of materials that can be broken down and then be returned to the earth. Materials can be classified as biodegradable if they can break down within a year after they’re disposed. This way we can do our part to assist in cutting down packaging waste, therefore to minimize climate change and promote sustainability!

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